Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the sparrow has landed

well we have arrived safe and sound in Gulu!!!!!!!!!!!! The flights were all very good and there were no delays and ALL the bags arrived too!

last night we spent the evening with the kids at the Safe house, they sang like angels to us! Then loaded them up in the van and went to Abili IDp camp to see the kids make the beads. Tracy especially liked that since she has been our top 'BEAD LADY' selling 100's of beads since november.

The kids showed her how to roll the beads! But of course they supervised her very closely to make sure it was 'good quality'. =)

This morning we went to the market and bought tons of beautiful material for the second IDP camp to make 'hippie' bags. now for those of you who KNOW me, i hate shopping especially when it is in an African market. It isn't so much the smell of fish that lingers through the air, but more the whole "bartering system' and how it takes several hours to make 1 simple purchase. But today was fun. I didn't have to 'barter for the price, since Rose had previously negotiated the price. We are excited to get the kids started on this new micro economic project.

The bags are beautiful. Tracy now will be changing her name to 'Bag Lady". =)

Yesterday we also met with the Chris College Team. They had some funny stories to tell of their month in Uganda. They are taking a few days of much deserved rest... after spending a couple of weeks working on the land. We just dropped off some pizza to them.... which was a BIG hit. yes, we found a pizza place in Gulu. it doesn't taste like Pizza hut, but it will do!

Tonight we are going to give the materials to the children at the IDP camp so they can begin making bags!!!! They all will be sooooooo excited. They are so proud when they can make something beautiful and something that has value. it in turn makes them know they have value!!! i love how God does things like that.

thank you for your prayers and we will keep you posted. Oh yeah, sleep.... well i slept great until the electricity went off (which means the FAN went off) ... but it came back on early this morning, about the time the rooster started crowing. =) hee hee....

love and blessings

Cindy, Tracy & Katelyn....

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