Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bush walkers

Another exciting day in Gulu.... last night we went to visit some of the children who we rebuilt their huts on the land where there family lived before the war. Of course you are never prepared for what you will do, that is why it is always good to take: bug spray, flash light, and food rations with you everywhere you go.

We drove down a dirt road for a couple of miles then they stopped the van. We piled out and followed a bush trail about 10-15 minutes. Tall grasses surrounded the trail. We made it to Gloria's new home. She is living next to her uncle who is HIV+ and very sick.

Then we went to the next home... walking down the trails to Irene's new home... she walks everyday 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours after skill training. But she was happy to have a new home.

We went to about 5 new huts that we built and it was dark by the time we headed back to the van. So we played "Marko" "Polo" to make sure we didn't leave any straglers behind. =)

It is good the kids don't have to worry about having thier huts in the IDP camp burned down, but now they have to walk so far and they are so far from their friends. There doesn't seem to be a win/win situation for them until we get the Village completed!!!!

All the girls are doing great. We picked up two new young ladies from Canada. They are friends of Janet's daughter Rachel. So our little group keeps growing!!! Fun Fun Fun!!!

thank you for your prayers

the "journey" continues....

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