Sunday, June 14, 2009

Preparing to leave

Well Friends, Thank you for joining my adventures back to Uganda. This is my 7th trip! Wow, can that be right? I don't think much about packing anymore... it is just second nature I guess.

But what I really need to get ready is ME! I have been trying to get Village of Hope things in order, my apt in order, etc... but the thing that REALLY needs to be in order is my heart. I don't want to just "GO" on another visit to Northern Uganda, I don't want to just do what I "need" to do over there... because that is what a "director" is supposed to do. I REALLY want God to lead me step by step. To be a servant, to be His hands and feet and to have HIS heart for our children, the local people, the local workers on the land... and our American teams!

Pray for me that God would give me wisdom as obstacles come up. (and trust me they will!!!!!!) Pray I would not react to the situation, but be still and wait on God to ACT! Pray my actions would overflow with GRACE and LOVE!

I leave Saturday!!!!! I can't wait to hug everyone of our kids!!!! I miss them so much when I am here.

So, begin praying WITH me! And as you read this blog, maybe you can feel like you are WITH me in Uganda... maybe not physically but I know you are with me in "spirit". Let's expect God to do more amazing things!!! Let's pray He shows up in very real ways!!! And let's thank Him because He allows us to be a part of HIS work on the other side of the world!!!!!!

Hang on for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  1. Amen! Same here!
    - Sheryl B

  2. Cindy, you are awesome! Thank you for being a servant of the Lord and caring for "the least of these"