Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home from Gulu

Hey friends, sorry you haven't heard from me for several days. On Thursday I got malaria! Now that was NO FUN!! Along with that I "think" I have returned to the US with an extra intestinal "friend". I flew home last night and went straight to the doctor so we will see what the "specimen" results say. =)

Anyway, the trip was AMAZING!!!! (other than the hospital visit, I could have gone a long time without visiting that place).
My niece Tracy and I had the BEST time!!! Here we are standing on the foundation of the first home!!! The kids from the Safe House were so excited to see their new home. (Scovia in the photo with us, has stickers on her head, in case you were wondering) I can't wait until we are able to move all our children to their new homes!!!!
Thank you for your prayers and love while we were in Uganda. I will update with more stories and photos.

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